CrossFit Debrecen


According to the official definition CrossFit is a complex way of workout in which “constantly varied functional movements are performed at high intensity”.

Let me clarify this seemingly hazy statement.

-CrossFit is complex, meaning that it combines gymnastics, weightlifting, body weight training, kettlebell and cardio exercises and in this way it becomes an efficient strength and conditioning program.

-CrossFit is also constantly varied: workouts vary daily, which not only makes the classes more exciting, but also allows your body to make the most of the training while recovering from previous workouts.

-CrossFit is based on functional movements: movements, which are natural to the human body and reflect real-life activity. These are performed at high intensity, but it does not necessarily imply that each and everyone needs to perform the given workout in the same form or with the same weight.

– Each exercise is scalable and can be tailored for personal needs and abilities, which makes CrossFit a perfect way of training for people of different ages and level of fitness: either you are an athlete or a beginner, a person of an early or of an advanced age, you can adapt your workout to maximise your physical potential.

– Every workout can be measured and logged so that you can monitor your progress.

What do you do in a CrossFit class?

Classes are usually an hour long. They start with a warm up and some basic gymnastics, which are followed by strength or technical elements and end with a WOD. WOD is the workout of the day, which is generally the most intense part of the class. It varies daily and can combine different elements ranging from weightlifting, kettlebell, body weight and cardio exercises. It generally needs to be completed in a certain amount of time or as fast as possible. Of course it is also very important that you eat right, so that you have the energy to do the exercises. I even take a natural health supplement that I have found to be very effective. If you would like to check it out for yourself you can do so here:

What is the format of a CrossFit class?

These are expertly planned and coached in a group format. Training in a team creates good atmosphere and gives you a great motivation.